Thursday, May 14, 2015

Zine Camp 2015 at Worm

Once again a Zine Camp at Worm in Rotterdam. Here I post the zines from the "Zine Forest" that caught my attention. The Zine Forest was put up by ReKult from Amsterdam. The strange colors are caused by the experimental LED-lights of Worm. It's not a camera glitch.
A zine by Chantal Rens (Dutch artist) and Gummbah (Dutch cartoonist) with photographs of people wearing hand-knit sweaters. The sweaters carry strange and sometimes disturbing messages.

Photozine Occiput. A collection of found images by Bill Noir. I like the zines with unexplained "mystery images" very much. They all use the same "trick" but I can't get enough of it.

Viva Guyana by HEPKollective. Another "mystery image" zine. This one with a post-colonial look-and-feel.

As I cycled towards the Zine Fest I thought: "I should walk through my bookcase and pick the most original pictures and texts from each book. Then I should make a zine from that."  And then I saw such a thing realized by Gaby Wolodarski (this link?). Abstract drawings combined with copies of book pages. Nice!

Tiresome - automobile issue by Ryuta Abe and Kosuke Kaido. Mystery photographs from Japan. Nice booklet but no further information to be found. I would like to know more!

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