Thursday, May 14, 2015

Zine Camp 2015 at Worm - 2

Once again a Zine Camp at Worm in Rotterdam. Here I post the zines from the "Zine Forest" that caught my attention. The Zine Forest was put up by ReKult from Amsterdam. The strange colors are caused by the experimental LED-lights of Worm. It's not a camera glitch. This is part-2, part-1 is here.
A poetic and mysterious zine. Original literary writing. Nice combination of pictures and text. Not much is known about Plastic Knife #1.
A beautiful poem zine in 1920's typographic style by Ilona Verhoeven. Suddenly a LINE appeared at the horizon, and the MOON did not hesitate one moment. Goodbye night, goodbye city. Subserviently she moved far aside. That frightened the vague figure ... the more he wanted TO SEE himself ...

A Peach, a Breast. An explicit erotic poem by Stephen Wood. Interesting in it's detailed description op the love act. Impossible keywords to find on the internet.
Another zine by  Ilona Verhoeven. A collection of dubious car import-export advertisements from Berlin (?). Let the phone ring once, I will call you back.
These are a Few of our Favorite Things”, a photo-zine, about the greek town of Spata, a town 20 kilometers east of Athens. Beautiful. I might want to buy this, once my budget recovers.

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