Thursday, September 30, 2021

From a strange planet - 38

More explorations around the traffic webcams. 
The landscape is always beautiful.
Virtual travel is satisfying.

E39 Øysand - Google streetview

The house in the background from close by.
On one side is flat horse country.
Identical trees everywhere. The highway is in the background.
On the other side are muddy trails through the woods.
Maybe this is the one and only time someone will see this image from Google.
How many places stay unvisited forever in their databases?

E6 Horg - Google streetview

The perspective of the camera shows a busy road with houses close together.
But on the ground the houses are dispersed, with lots of space in between.
It's a beautiful hilly landscape.
Once again there is a church in the neighbourhood of the camera.
In winter you can see the church tower from the other side of the river.
Old sheds in the countryside.

Rv. 3 Litjfossen - Google streetview

The beautiful river is invisible on the webcam.
The nice reservoir is also not visible. Sunrise.
There are uninhabited islands in the stream. And autumn light.

Rv. 3 Kvikneskogen - Google Streetview

The Orkla river and birch trees.
Farms and low mountains on the other side. Kaltberget, Eidsfjellet.
Estensmo bru.
Autumn sculptures.
Green landscape carpet.