Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The delights of Kleve

We often go to Kleve because it's the closest German town and it has beautiful woods and hills. But one of the main attractions is the Hintzen bookstore, based in Kleve since 1925. What makes it even better is the Derks bakery on the opposite side of the street.
You can go straight from the one to the other. And in case of need there is even a bank nearby.
It has almost become a ritual. First we go shopping for books and then we browse them with coffee and cakes. From the last few years: Heidegger Sein und Zeit (second hand), Heidegger biography and the Joseph Beuys biography together with cheese-cake, cherry-crumble and prune-tart.
And among the many interesting books we bought there, is this gem of modern German psychogeography: Die Suche nach der Mitte von Berlin and review. The author connects Dutch and Prussian history and Joseph Beus while searching for the center of Berlin. Many strange buildings and weird tales are found by the wayside. Highly recommended!