Saturday, June 26, 2021

From a strange planet - 34

 Fv. 115 Hemnes - Google maps - The webcam shows a harmonious hilly landscape. There's a pleasant horizon. The woods suggest dark narrow paths and meditative clearings. Easy walks with classic books in the backpack. German romantics. Nordic walking. On some days impressive clouds form in the sky. Quietly the grain grows in the fields.

There's a small house that's also a bus shelter. - See Thomas Ligotti. - I never saw a person waiting there. Nor did I see a parked bicycle.
There's a whiteness in the distance. A line of pixels. A conceptual artwork made by farmers. See Christo. I will sell it by NFT.
Houses shine at night. Like always. - See Igor savchenko. 4-94-22, The road to the distant forest, where a small light was twinkling from time to time last night. Look here.
At night the roadsign looks like Hallucigenia. By day it's just Fv. 115.

Fv. 169 Åserud - Google maps - Impressive emptiness throughout the year. In winter the woods are transparent and vertical. In summer they are solid and spherical. No one comes here. But then, suddenly, a square appeared on the asphalt. A new artwork by Jeroen Jongeleen .

Fv. 172 Holter - Google maps - An empty road. There is something behind the trees, but we don't know what. By day we see vague shapes. By night we sea a vague glow. There is something but it doesn't want to talk. It wants to keep its distance.

Rv. 2 Føttaskjæret - Google maps - There's a sign. And a crossroads. Go left and there's a house behind trees. Go right and there are empty woods. Very empty woods. I checked.

Fv. 24 Storsjøen - Google maps - The boat is always there when I look. There's a mountain on the other side of the lake. You could take the boat to get there. Could you walk over the ice in winter?

Fv. 181 Finsbråtan - Google maps - The snow is melting. Houses are hidden in the woods. They listen to space signals. At night they watch the satellites.

Fv. 33 Feiring - Google maps - The house is almost hidden. It looms. It attracts ghosts of autumn.