Sunday, May 17, 2015

Zine Camp 2015 at Worm - 3

Once again a Zine Camp at Worm in Rotterdam. Here I post the zines from the "Zine Forest" that caught my attention. The Zine Forest was put up by ReKult from Amsterdam. The strange colors are caused by the experimental LED-lights of Worm. It's not a camera glitch. This is part-3, here are part-2 and part-1.

Femme & Oddities. A sympathetic feminist zine with many interesting pictures. Probably this is a one-off edition:  "they already announced that this first issue will not be followed by a second one".

Never date dudes from the Internet by Amy Burek. "In 2005, I was in need of dates. So I posted an ad on the F4M page of Craigslist. This book includes my original ad as well as every response I received from the men of CL." There exists a review-video of this zine!

Storm, microrama 001. A microscopic world in which it always rains. A beautiful, charming microbook. Beautiful production values.
It is quite possible that I've got the information about this zine all wrong. Or that I'm combining two unrelated pictures above. But a nice young zine with a lot of road-trip like "mystery pictures".

Wonderful Japanese zine. These have a quality of their own. PaP by (I think) Tomoko Takamatsu and Ai Ezaki. See if I can get one of those.

Mixed business. A zine made at the previous zine camp (2014) by (I think) Florian Cramer. Dubious scam advertisements by African wonder workers like "Mr. Hamza".

 Separate nr.2. Another nice Japanese zine. It took me some time to understand the underlying theme. I like these themed picture collections. Especially if they're Japanese.

DSC03850. What you get if you enter that search phrase into Google. And then select some of the output and make a zine from it. By Albert Foolmoon Éditions, Lézard Actif. This idea gave me endless pleasure, trying out different combinations like P5090123 and DSC07633.

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