Tuesday, December 27, 2022

From a strange planet - 54

 The mening of this picture will be revealed in the last sentence of this article.

E39 Forus 1 - Streetview

From a standard bridge to a screensaver landscape:
Notice the bird!
Exercise for the viewer: can you find these yourself on streetview?
And from a screensaver landscape to a grey block:

Rv. 509 Solasplitten 1 - Streetview

From a standard bridge to a beautiful waterscape:
And from a witch house in the woods to a cubist nightmare:

From the tunnel to the radio tower:
Slowly we walk towards the radio tower on the hill.
Ullandhaugtårnet. A powerful symbol!

Fv. 441 Madlaveien 1 - Streetview

From the tree to the art museum:
The camera points into a tree. Nice!
In winter you can see through the tree, of course.
Near the Stavanger art museum. A living hyper-realist sculpture.
Art in front of the museum coffee shop.
At this moment, the museum has an exhibit of the art of Ruth Asawa.

Sunday, December 25, 2022

From a strange planet - 52

Young Circle Park - a webcam in Hollywood

This is a dead webcam. From the comments I conclude it stopped working in 2017:

Rain Shadow 09/09/17 23:15 - Just to add to the Irma misery, there are now tornadoes being reported in some areas. MD 09/09/17 23:27 - What a position to be in - Irma to the south and tornadoes to the north.

The indeterminacy of the picture reminds me of Ed Ruscha, once again.
And imagine, somewhere on a server is a file, containing a five year old, forgotten picture from a dead webcam. The webcam is gone, but its memories remain visible.
These are the coordinates - Facility:Young Circle Park, City:Hollywood, State/Region:Florida, Country:United States, Coordinates:25.736300 / -80.404400, Local time:05:46
But entering the coordinates in Google points us to a wrong place:

Friday, December 16, 2022

From a strange planet - 53

 Irish webcam churches viewed as a focus of the landscape

 Since my discovery of the Irish church webcams I've been inspired to look at these churches from two viewpoints:

  • The first one is the traditional Catholic viewpoint of the the Real Presence of Christ, which I tend to feel most intensely in the empty church at night, when the only light in the church shines from the altar lamp. For me this is a deeply significant, almost mystical experience. And I feel it even through the medium of the webcam, in the night.
  • The second one is inspired by an experience during an Irish bus ride. When we drove past a church one of the older men on the bus made the sign of the Cross. This made me aware that the Real Presence was not only felt and acknowledged in the vicinity of the Tabernacle, but maybe from all places where the church was visible.
  • So, in the investigations below, I present the view of the church at night, and then I explore the visibility of the in the surrounding landscape. I try to find the furthest places that are influenced by the presence of the church as their focal point. I hope you enjoy this exploration as much as I do.

Knockbridge, Dundalk - Streetview

The church (Parochial House) by day and by night.
The church from close by.
From the back entrance.
From a nearby street.
From another nearby street.
Invisible on the horizon.

Immaculate Conception, Kilkerley - Streetview

The church by night and by day.
From near by.
From further away along the road.
From further away along another road.

Christ Church Cathedral Dublin - Streetview

The cathedral by night and by day.
From near by.
The only view from far away.

Friday, December 2, 2022

From a strange planet - 55

 I play around with AI:

The view from the traffic webcam at E39 Vaulekrossen in Norway shows a busy stretch of highway with cars and trucks moving in both directions. The road is surrounded by lush green trees and hills in the distance. There are also several buildings and structures visible along the roadside, including a gas station and a few houses. The sky is clear and blue, with a few scattered clouds. Overall, the scene is peaceful and picturesque, with a steady flow of traffic moving along the highway.

I will describe a scene: A road, behind that a small lake, behind that a hill. I see a small house near the lake and a huge farmhouse higher up the hill. The hill is grassy and stony. It is winter and the trees along the road are bare. The sun is shining and the sky is blue. Please guess what story could be placed here.

Based on the description of the scene, it seems like a peaceful and serene setting. The presence of a small house near the lake and a large farmhouse higher up on the hill suggests that there may be people living in the area. The fact that it is winter and the trees are bare could indicate that the story takes place during the colder months of the year. The blue sky and shining sun also add to the sense of calmness and beauty in the environment.

One potential story that could be placed in this scene is a tale of a young family who has recently moved to the small house near the lake. The father works on the huge farmhouse higher up the hill, while the mother stays at home with their young children. As the winter progresses, the family faces challenges and struggles, but ultimately they come together to overcome their obstacles and find happiness in their new home.

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

From a strange planet - 48

We still follow the E39. That's one way to not get lost in the myriad landscapes that the cameras reveal to us. We will see how far we get. There are many sights to discover. The most spectacular is the brooding house. But we also have silent lakes, dark woods and the ball in the hills.

The quotes are from this book:

E39 Vaulekrossen 1 - Streetview

The staring house. The gaze of the Other
And this detail of a darkened window, or a house that looks on, has been elaborated in turn by a sequence of  influential philosophers including Sartre, Merleau- Ponty, Lacan, and Žižek, each of whom has invoked it in relation to the notion of the Other’s gaze - for Žižek it is Norman Bates’s home in Hitchcock’s Psycho, while for Sartre it is an - inexplicably poignant - white farmhouse at night during war- time.
In his chief commentary on the theme of the Other ... Sartre offers several examples of objects that can come to embody the Other’s look. He notes how the Other’s gaze will be given just as well on occasion when there is a rustling of branches, or the sound of a footstep followed by silence, or the slight opening of a shutter, or a light movement of a curtain... the actual eye of the watcher, hidden behind the curtain, behind a window in the farmhouse[Source: Lacan at the Scene by Henry Bond]
Lacan comments: “all that is necessary is for something to signify to me that there may be others there ... [A] window if it gets a bit 
dark, and if I have reasons for thinking that there is someone behind it, is straightaway a gaze. From the moment this gaze exists, I am already something other, in that I feel myself becoming an object for the gaze of others.
Slavoj Žižek has also isolated the motif of a house that looks on, asking: Is this notion of the gaze not perfectly rendered by the exemplary Hitchcockian scene in which the subject is approaching some uncanny threatening object, usually a houseThere we encounter the antimony between the eye and the gaze at its purest: the subject’s eye sees the house, but the house - the object - seems somehow to return the gaze ... this gaze is effectively missing, its status is purely fantasmatic.
This image of “house” also has the quality of a Jungian archetype - a communal (society-wide) unconscious foreknowledge. For example, when young children draw, they often begin with a depiction of a face or a house - in front elevation—and these two images seem to coincide, with the mouth and eyes in the same formation as the windows and door.

E39 Søyland - Streetview

No that's not a side road into the hills. It just looks like that. 
There are just flat fields on the right.
And that's like me, trying to understand the surroundings.
Looking for mysterious surroundings, 
like this mysterious lake, just around the corner.

Rv. 444 Torger Carlsensgate 1 - Streetview

At first this landscape does not look to promising.
But there are beautiful wide landscapes with many scales of depth.
And dark woord at the end of the road.

Fv. 510 Rege - Much more details in an earlier post

There is a sphere in the hills. And a church.
You can see them in detail by following the link above.
The hills at sunset.
The hills at midday.