Sunday, November 29, 2020

Urban mushroom diary 27

 Late mushrooms of 2020 - 28 november:

Tricholoma populinum - under poplar along bike lane
Lactarius semisanguifluus (?) - under poplar along bike lane
Lepista personata (?) - along bike lane
Coprinopsis atramentaria - in city park
Xyalria hypoxylon - city park
Xyalria hypoxylon - city park
Amanita muscaria - artificial - garden centre christmas decoration
Boletus - artificial - garden centre christmas decoration

Sunday, November 15, 2020

From a strange planet - 24

 Today we take the E14 starting at the Norwegian border. We travel west to the point where the E14 meets the E6. From there we travel north along the E6. We also look at side roads and places in the vicinity. From there we choose the views with the most beautiful landscapes and the most interesting objects. We finish our trip a Mo i Rana.

E14 Teveldal - The backside of a sign, an invisible message.

E14 Meådal

Fv715 Hogsdalen

Fv755 Meltingen - Like a Morandi still life.

Fv. 17 Rødhammer - Mystical birch trees.

E6 Snåsa - The little hill with the powerlines. I have known this webcam a long time already. It looks promising at first sight, but there is totally nothing happening. Even the light is always similar.

Fv. 17 Høylandet - The river, the sign, and the white bales of hay in the background. Like UFO's that have landed in the rain.

E6 Majavatn - The dark soil and the barren trees waiting for the snow of winter.

Fv. 76 Tosenfjellet - The tangible emptiness of the mountains.

E6 Alsgaard - This landscape reminds me of "Vom Gehen in Eis" by Werner Herzog

E6 Osen - The rocks along the road speak of the ice ages.

E6 Yttervika - The view over the water, the trees on the island. The rocks along the road. The antenna on the mountain. Is there a light at night?

Fv. 12 Bustneslia 1 - The clouds and the trees. Schubert song.

E6 Åenget - The little house by the little waterfall.

Raw links for later scripting:

Friday, November 13, 2020

Interesting artists found during spring cleaning - 1

During spring cleaning I decided to throw away a big stack of magazines. My wife wanted the floor to be visible. But I still wanted to remember some of the most interesting artworks and artists. So these are my notes. - I'm always amazed at how many good artists there are and how many different ideas exist.
1) The stark minimalist art of Fernanda Gomes.
2) The strange obsessions of Paul McCarthy. Well known in Rotterdam for his Santa Claus with buttplug statue.
3) The Cosmopolitan Chicken Project by Koen van Mechelen.
4) Cassette tape cyanotypes by Christian Marclay. Also known for his plunderphonics music pieces.


5) Mikael Olsson photographed and documented the deserted house of the Swedish architect Bruno Mathsson. 

6) A haunting picture by Adriana Lozano.

7) Exploration and photography around the disappearing Aral Sea by Anton Ginzburg.

8) The monastic landscape art made by Julie Brook. She lives on lonely islands and makes site-specific artworks in those far away places.

Sunday, November 1, 2020

From a strange planet - 23

Take a road trip along the E16! In corona times this is a safe way to travel.

Searching for a specific camera (see: From a strange planet - 22) I followed the E16 starting in Bergen and ending in Sand / Jessheim. And then from Honefoss to Sandvika. I also took some side roads.

There are beautiful landscapes along the way. I had to hurry because the evening light was getting dimmer and the pictures were getting less interesting. But I will be back on another day and then I'll start the download script.

Fv49 Gullbotn

These are the raw links, for scripting this later: