Saturday, March 14, 2020

From a strange planet - 21

A love poem for Fv510 Rege. 

There is sphere and a church.

In the evening there are lights, columns of lights.
The church has eyes.
There is a tower, there is a hill. The church is on the hill.
There are clouds, they rise over the hill, behind the church.
Sometimes fog hides the church.
In the evening the church is a silhouette, a triangle of dark against the light.

On the horizon there is a sphere. It is white.
When the sun shines, it is a miniature planet. It shines.
In the evening it fades into the sky.
In the evening it is dark against the sky, an eclipse of the setting sun.
In fog it disappears.
In blue evenings it turns blue.
In the night there is no sphere, only darkness.

The landscape is flat.
There is grass besides the road.
There are fields with sheep.

Sometimes signs appear beside the road.
They have their messages hidden. They look the other way.
There are sheep.
The sheep look at the signs. They read the signs.
They don't tell us what they say.

There is a camera.
It watches the hill.
It watches the church.
It watches the sphere. It sees the horizon.

There are farmhouses.
You can see the church through their driveways.

The church is white. The tower is white.
There is a parking lot and a graveyard.
The graveyard is full, the parking lot is empty.

There is snow in the fields and water.
During the day the light changes. White spots appear and disappear.
The field is silent but it is not static.
It is not passive, it has a message.

We walk into the fields.
We walk up the hill on narrow roads, through hedges and green fields.
The sphere comes closer, it is white, it is high.

The road splits, but we can't reach the sphere.

Someone has been here in winter, when the sphere was grey and the landscape was gray.
You could see the stones, the old stones.

In summer the sphere shines like a small sun, like a small planet.
Like Venus. It radiates.
The sphere knows the weather, knows the rain.

So much to see in one picture from a random camera.
So much to explore, so much to discover.
The world is endless.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

From a strange planet - 19

There is a road. And behind the trees, on the other side of the water there is a house. In the webcam picture it is small and not clearly visible.
At different times, in different lighting situations and in different weather it looks and feels very different. Sometimes the sun is setting and shadows hide the house:
Sometimes there is a fog that hides the house:
Sometimes there are lights behind the trees:
A search on Google books finds a few quotes that might describe this place. I arrange them into a speculative history of this place and a love story. This does not answer any questions, but raises many new ones. This is how it should be:
  • _ you can see the lighted windows through those trees _ it is a lonely road _ it is misting, and there is no illumination except for the reflected light from _ and a lone light where the _
  • _ now and then a pair of headlights would slant through the trees, and each time she wondered whether this would be the _
  • _ to her amazement, she watched as _ walked out from behind the tallest tree, and silently looked back at her _ his head had the full appearance of _ and his only garments were those of _ that covered his _
  • _ among the trees, where only a lonely light behind the garret window was burning now, he said something that she had _
  • _ later the bus was leaving _ behind and crossing the causeway which led to the water _ for theirs had been a winter love _ music together in the quiet room, lying on the bed looking out at the lonely lights _
  • _ was bright in the rearview mirror, lighting up the sky in oranges and purples, singeing the undersides of the tightly packed clouds _ ahead was a still, perfect blackness, with nothing visible but the faint outlines of trees and a couple of lonely lights on the horizon _
After some searching we find this place on Google maps and we see that the main road is 5956 Vågseidet, Norway, or maybe Lindåsvegen. The nearest bus station is Torvena.
But the gravel road leading up to the house is unnamed. It is not Maråsvegen, because that road goes the other way. You can find a detailed topographic roadmap of this place here.

In real life the house is not very mysterious. It is well maintained and it is painted in extremely bright and un-mysterious blue and white. It is modern and very large. There might be several families living here.
But fortunately there is a mysterious, lonely, haunting (and even Liggotian) bus shelter nearby, to restore the mystery of the original webcam picture:
On the satellite picture you can see the shadow of the camera. But you cannot see the camera in Google street view.

Friday, January 3, 2020

Planning a self published book - 5

Status update
  1. Select the chapter categories
  2. Design the covers
  3. Make a mini trial version of the content
  4. Rethink plan and feasibility
  5. Make volume 1 (kindle version) in PDF format
  6. Get a review of volume 1
  7. Present the PDF to editors
  8. Contact PrintRoom
  9. GO - NOGO decision
  10. Edition size decision
  11. Order print run of volume 1
Most of the chapters finished

A sample of two chapters and one illustration. Click to enlarge:

More challenge

I need to avoid irony. Irony is easy and cheap. The challenge is to make it positive somehow, and that will not be easy with my clippings from the Kindle.

Contents of volume 1 decided

After pruning the most pretentious keywords and removing keywords from similar domains, I'm left with the following 36 chapter headings. It feel like a nice random set. Strange how much the meaning and feeling changes if you put 'a', 'the', or nothing in front of a word.
salt - the periodic table - antioxidant
the bridge - suburbs - colour samples
window - oarsman - renaissance
pulley - the flood - silence
victory - strangers - stone lions
Japanese submarine - the clock
a savage plant - magma
consolation - the chair - atomic number
poetic empire - the monument - subway
eagles made from plastic - epicycle
crust - conservation of matter - finger
simulacrum - wheel of fortune - territory
mission - fear - the moon

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Urban mushroom diary 26

Mushrooms seen between 2 and 22 December 2019.

Note: This is how it looks like when I'm hopelessly trying to determine one of my urban mushrooms. Simply by brute-force and trial-and-error:

2-12-2019 - In a Swiss supermarket. An amazing variety, more species than in the Netherlands:

In an urban lawn, all in the same neighborhood:
Most likely it is Hypholoma fasciculare but that one should grow on (or from) (buried) dead wood, so maybe not. And the spores would be much darker. But it might be an old one. It could also be Hypholoma capnoides. Weird … one is edible and the other one is poisonous.
This is not Armillaria mellea. That one also grows on wood.
Note: This is an interesting website:
It could be Tricholoma scalpuratum (?). That took me several days to find out!
At first I thought it might be a Russula. I also thought about Clitocybe amarescens.
But finally I settled on Lepista personata. It took me several days to find out!

In a Christmas shop:
20-12-209 In a cake shop in Den Bosch:

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Urban mushroom diary 25

Between 1 September and 7 September 2019

Macrolepiota procera (?), in the city park, under beach (?) tree - they have all gone now, picked?
Or it could be Chlorophyllum rhacodes (?).
Lycoperdon molle (?), city park, besides bicyle path
Mycena haematopus (?), city park, dead tree, besides bicycle path
Coprinellus disseminatus (?), city park, dead tree, besides horse path
Laetiporus sulphureus (?), city park, besides horse path
Artomyces pyxidatus, city park, besides road