Sunday, September 21, 2014

Recording the Dutch megaliths

During our holiday in Drenthe I made several recordings at the Dutch megaliths (hunebedden). Rationally I didn't expect anything special. But irrationally I hoped that there would be some sound - anything - that would be strange, mysterious or unexplainable. Secretly I hoped for EVP-like sounds.
Of course the recordings didn't yield anything of that sort. But they recover and reflect the wide and slightly mysterious landscape around Borger better than any picture. We are far way from the city here. Wind, spiritus, ruach is the master here. Not the majestic wind of the seashore, but a knowing, subtle, inland wind.
Birds, cars in background, children's voices, adult voices, wind in trees.
A lively discussion about having baguettes for breakfast in France.
Birds, wind in trees, wind, traffic far away, wood creaking.
Wind in trees, wind, farm machinery drone in background.
Wind in trees, insects, farm machinery in background, road in background.
Some insect sounds simulate female voices singing in the distance.
Wind in trees, insects, cars in distance, creaking wood, blades of grass in the wind.