Saturday, November 13, 2021

From a strange planet - 32

Church webcams at night. Wonderful and awesome!

"One moment of worship is worth more and spiritually more fruitful than the most busy work." - Pope John Paul II

During the winter holidays of 2020 I discovered the Irish church webcams. It was late at night after a long evening of browsing. I was immediately captivated by the spiritual atmosphere of these silent and calming pictures. Dark spaces lighted only by the altar lamp. The visible presence of Christ. Here I invite you to visit these places, especially at night.

 St. Patricks Church - Church Media live streaming

In Catholic churches, the lamp of God is an oil lamp near the tabernacle that stays on as long as the Holy Sacrament is present in the tabernacle. The lamp of God bears witness to Christ's True Presence. Most God lamps have a red glass, to distinguish the lamp from other votive lights in the church.

The beauty of Eucharistic Worship is the atmosphere of a secret that is approached not with reason, but only with the heart, which is addressed by symbolic language. The atmosphere around eucharistic worship is one of benevolent silence and warm intense security. We are invited to bask in the sun of God's love. Remember the word of Jesus: "the Father in heaven who raises his sun over the wicked and the good, and makes it rain over the righteous and the unjust" (Mt 5).

Sunday, November 7, 2021

From a strange planet - 42

We start near Kristiansund on the E39.
We go West and cross the Romsdalsfjorden. 
We then go further West.
We traverse several bridges, some under construction 
and pass through some calming landscapes. 

E39 Gjemnessundbrua - Google streetview

Rv. 70 Kristiansund - Google streetview

E39 Fursetfjellet - Google streetview

E39 Vestnes ferjekai - Google streetview

E136 Tresfjordbrua - Google streetview

Then we find a nice landscape.

E39 Brusdalen - Google streetview

Looking up towards the camera from the Fv. 111.
We cross the water. And see a beautiful bridge.

Fv. 659 Skjeltene - Google streetview

We skip E136 Ålesund.
We find a nice bridge.
And then we find a final nice landscape.

Fv. 658 Giskebrua - Google streetview

Fv. 61 Hareid - Google streetview