Sunday, April 3, 2016

Found poetry from FT Wealth

I am always slightly inconvenienced by this add-on to the Financial Times with its glossy format. But since I had it in my bag anyway, I read it cover to cover. It was quite interesting actually and well written. Some quotes stuck in my mind and I had to arrange them into a found poem. It has a slightly melancholic, existential feeling. (FTWealth, March 2016, Issue 37)

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To assist the authorities with their investigations

Would you entrust your health to a robot?
So why entrust your wellbeing?

For a split second you wonder
what it would be like
to be a bit more ordinary,
but where would that get you?

Plus, what are the exit charges
if you leave?

Back then,
a lot of things were done
on gut and hunch
but now the world
is obsessed with numbers.

The only guarantee is
that we will be here 30 years from now,
and we will not allow
any activities to distract us.

Of course,
it might have been destroyed;
but it still could exist
and if so,
it is likely standing outdoors
in some garden in France or England,

You have to believe
that as long as you made no mistake,
the government
will not mess with you.