Saturday, July 31, 2021

From a strange planet - 35

I've been taking walks around the camera locations. I've seen many nice places and I hope you like them too. This time I omit long descriptions. I just post the pictures. They're nice enough without words. Enjoy!

E6 Vensvangen - Google streetview

Several views of the "two eyed" house. Otherwise, nothing much happens here.

Rv. 2 Sorma - Google streetview

The stream goes under the railway. There's an old culvert I would like to explore.
A house in the woods. I dream about living there.
A nice monument along the road. I dream about sitting there in the autumn sunlight. I could not find any more information or pictures. It's not visible on the map. 

Rv. 3 Rena - Google Streetview

A wintry bus shelter.
With nice far views over the water.
Abandoned industries.
And rustic houses in the woods.

Fv. 221 Valdalsfjell - Google Streetview

Summer and winter trees. Martian hills.
Summer and winter houses.