Sunday, May 15, 2011

Seedlings 2

As I stated in a previous post it can be quite difficult to determine the species of seedlings. I had to wait a long time before I was sure what these were.
30 march 2011 - photographed
4 april 2011 - photographed
Next time I should remember to put something in the picture for scale. Now it's not possible to see that the older seedlings are much bigger than the young ones.
11 april 2011 - scanned
28 april 2011 - scanned
It took me almost a month to be sure that this seedling was a maple tree, most likely Acer Pseudoplatanus. This is how it looks in it's natural environment at the train station. If the gardeners wouldn't weed them we would get a nice (crypto-) forest here in a few years:
26 april 2011 - notice the cigarette butt for scale
Maple - Wikipedia
The location - Google Maps

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