Sunday, May 8, 2011

Edible landscapes

After writing about real estate landscapes and abstract landscapes I was inspired to explore my kitchen for edible landscapes. I only found six. A small sample, but maybe we can learn something from it:

Camomilla tea - Kneipp Werke - Würzburg - Germany
English tea blend - Douwe Egberts Nederland - Utrecht - The Netherlands
Oatmeal - Quaker Oats - Leicester - United Kingdom
Weetabix original - Weetabix - Kettering - United Kingdom

Ricola LemonMint - Ricola - Laufen - Switzerland
Boerenland Custard - Friesland Campina - Veenendaal  - The Netherlands
What do they have in common:
  • Sunny landscapes - Hills and wide views - Blue skies with a few white clouds
  • Trees - Small-scale natural farming - A lot of green
  • Pleasing to look at - Peaceful - Relaxing
The landscapes are idealized and they present an innocent (?) escape from daily (mostly urban) reality. They create a holiday-like atmosphere. Their modernness is surprising, one would expect more explicit references to the good-old times, before mass-production and industrialization. Probably the message of cleanness, naturalness and ecology is more important that sentimental memories.

Also interesting is that relatively few packages contain landscapes. Most packages just show the product itself or its ingredients.

References: Kneipp - Pickwick - Quaker Oats - Weetabix - Ricola - Campina

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