Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Real estate landscapes

There is unexpected beauty in the landscapes from the Property Gallery of the Financial Times. These tiny pictures - 7 x 5 cm - were never intended as artworks. Their goal is to entice a potential buyer.

But if you look at them closely they reveal a dream-world of mystery and beauty. Postcards from another world and time. Far removed from earthly commercial intentions. Somehow they resonate with pictures in our minds - should we call them meme-landscapes?

It is interesting that a minority of real estate advertisements shows the view. Most show a photograph of the object for sale. Doest that mean that there is no photograph of the object? Or that the object is not enticing enough? Or that the view is the most important selling point - like it is with Central Park in New York?

There is a whole Flickr group dedicated to this kind of photography: Photography for Real Estate. It is fascinating to look at the pictures and read the comments.

Financial Times - April 9/April 10 2011 - House and Home - pages 5, 6, 7, 8

From top to bottom:
Mayaquadras - Saint Jean Cap Ferrat
Savills - Western Cyprus
Winkworth - Cologny Geneva Switzerland
John Taylor - Saint Jean Cap Ferrat
Knight Frank - Lake Geneva Switzerland
Berry & Quinti - Var Provence France

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