Sunday, August 19, 2018

Urban mushroom diary 23 - summer 2018

03 June 2018, Hoek van Holland - In the grass besides to sport fields. Impossible to name.
In the city park, between the suburbs and the dunes. It's interesting to see how different the mushroom flora (fauna?) is from Roterdam. The park looks similar and has the same age, but there are other mushrooms here.
I really should buy a better camera, because mushrooms grow in dark places and a smartphone works badly in those circumstances.
My guess: Xylaria polymorpha. Notice the slugs.
My guess is: Ganoderma applanatum. I don't think it is Fomes.
Another example where the smartphone camera fails. It's impossible to get a sharp image of the miniscule growths. Slime mold or fungus? Difficult to say. It might be Typhula erythropus.

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