Saturday, August 18, 2018

Urban mushroom diary 19 - spring 2018

02 May 2018, Amsterdam - There are a lot of hallucinogenic mushroom for sale in Amsterdam. I'm somewhat tempted to try them - purely out of mycological curiosity. But most probably I'll never do it.
Passing outside a hipster restaurant in the park, I saw this display of vegetables, including Agaricus bisporus in two versions (common and Portabello). But still the same species.
11 May 2018, Rotterdam - I was surprised by this display of Ornithogalum umbellatum along a suburban artery. It used to be a protected species but here it is very common.
And near this clump I saw my first mushroom of the year. I have no idea what it is. There were only two so I didn't pluck it. Itcould be Lepista or Clitocybe. Will have to look next year.
12 May 2018 - On a stump in the city park I saw this strange mushroom. I couldn't identify it then. After watching the stump for weeks I think this is Paxillus involutus (Krulzoom). An interesting poisonous mushroom.
One of those frustratingly difficult mushrooms on a log in the city park. I had to look through the whole book for this one. This could be Pholiota mutabilis, but the stipe looks different and the spores are darker. But most likely Hypholoma fasciculare. Also possible: Hypholoma capnoides. Improbable: Galerina marginata.
A slime mold, Enteridium lycoperdon also called false puffball. A fascinating organism.
19 and 21 May 2018 - Polyporus squamosus. One of the easy mushrooms. They are very common around here.
27 May 2018 - Coprinus comatus. One of the easy mushrooms. I forgot to watch this space, and the mushrooms were already gone. There were less of them than last year. At this time I still expected a good mushroom year. I hadn't expected the extreme drought.
1 June 2018 - Blown glass Amanita muscaria in a Prague glass shop. The prices are in Czech crowns (CZK).

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