Monday, May 1, 2017

Beautiful art in Gouda

In the Gouda municipal museum behind the church:
The only artwork by Andy Goldsworthy in the Netherlands. Goldsworthy was heavily criticized in the Dutch press as being "too beautiful" and not being sufficiently modern and conceptual. I disagree.
Paul Arntzenius - (forgot to note the name of the picture)
I'm surprised that the painter dared to make such a simple, almost abstract, painting. It gives a very good impression of the evening sky, even though it uses the pre-impressionist style of the Barbizon school. A nice painting that presents both the medium and the message. I don't care that my History of modern art says that "The Barbizon school landscapes ... tended all too quickly to degenerate into academic clichés."
A wonderful set of indoor still life's by Mieke de Haan.
She is very good at painting light and space.
"I'm interested in the past that travels with us, that is carried by situations and people. ... I'm inspired by space and time. By deserted hallways en rooms in old buildings. I'm moved by the almost tangible emptiness in these spaces. ... Light falls through dirty windowpanes and breaks into shard on the floor."
A modern woollen dog barking at a painted Golden Age dog.
Floris Arntzenius - The beach at Scheveningen

At Arti Legi at the Gouda marketplace:
Sheep and oak branch
Beautiful etchings by Han van Hagen
Drei Raben von Georg Trakl

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