Sunday, January 29, 2017

Art around the Cascadeplein in Groningen

Henk Visch - [untitled] -  22 bronze human figures - 1997 - Cascadeplein Groningen
I was totally and pleasantly surprised by these ominous figures by Henk Visch. One doesn't expect to meet supernatural horror when visiting the provincial archive. Watching, waiting, reminiscent of the Easter Island statues. At home I googled and found that it was the work of my favorite sculptor. We need more art like this!

Per Kirkeby  - [untitled] - brick sculpture - 1990 - Emmasingel, KPN-office
From the street I saw the little building and immediately thought: "This could be Per Kirkeby". After my meeting I searched for an entrance and my feeling was confirmed. A nice coincidence that after posting a piece on the overpaintings of Per Kirkeby I met one of his sculptures in real life.
From a Groningen website:
After a period of secrecy a brick sculpture by the Danish artist Per Kirkeby was unveiled at the headquarters of PTT Netherlands, next to the train station.

The sculpture consists of a double row of square brick pillars of more than 4 meters high. These are connected by brick arches at the top. In the wall surfaces are arches made of bricks, forming a passageway. The space above the arch is open. The space between the two walls gives the building a sheltered atmosphere, although wind and rain are not shut out.
It would be even better if the sculptures of Henk Visch had been placed inside the arches of the Per Kirkeby sculpture. And maybe I liked the artworks so much because I hadn't expected to find them. So maybe I shouldn't be telling you about them ...


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