Monday, July 4, 2016

Outsider art at Rotterdam Kunsthal - 4

The Museum of Everything at the Rotterdam Kunsthal is a mind-blowing experience. There is too much to see, too many worlds to experience. I must ingest and digest in very small bites. The previous exhibits are herehere and here.

It's fascinating and irritating that this wonderful topographic artist is not better known and that there is nothing about him on the internet. He deserves much better. It's so inspiring that I'm tempted to take up a pencil myself. But I know I don't have the talent.
Viktor Kulikov - b 1937 (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia)
Every day, 9am on the dot, the strict 15-year practice of this former historical educator forms an eternal encyclopedia, capturing not only nature’s daily shifts, but the developing metaphorical landscape of Nizhny Novgorod and beyond.

If I go out in the evening, the day is gone. In the morning everything is just beginning. So I spend an hour at 9am every day. It takes me two days to make each picture. One day isn’t enough to capture the natural surroundings, sometimes I expand on what I see in nature. It’s not like being a photographer, I try to go deeper.

I loved to draw as a child. Then just like Pushkin’s rebirth in Boldino, it hit me: I was on the banks of the Oka, where the pine forest is, I looked around and saw how amazing the shades and colours were. I drew a sketch, then thought to myself, why not return tomorrow? That’s how it started.


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