Monday, May 26, 2014 Zine Camp - 2

Last Sunday I visited the Zine Camp at WORM in Rotterdam. I looked through all the zines in the museum exhibit and I bought four zines from the artists that had zines to sell.

Below a short selection from the zines I liked most. That probably says more about my taste than about the zines. I have added links wherever I could. There is still more to come.

The volume and quality of the zines is amazing. I feel rich to buy one zine for 6 euro. For an original artwork from a limited series this is enormous value for money. You can build a huge and original art-library with a relatively small investment. This is a really democratic art form. And browsing the available mass, searching for treasures is very satisfying. I'm thankful for this stimulating massage by creativity.

Jana Gombikova - apart (?)


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