Saturday, March 31, 2012

Animal tracks

A little bit of snow records the urban wildlife.
It is really difficult to decode the animal tracks. I'm not sure about a lot of them. 
It should not be this difficult. We should have better knowledge of our local animals.
I would make a terrible hunter-gatherer and would die of hunger in a few weeks.
If you recognize some tracks please tell me.

Lost chance at research
Later I realized I should have studied the tracks even better. I could have traced the track of one bird through the landscape. Especially one of the intelligent birds like magpies or jackdaws. I might have deduced something about its search pattern. Do birds use a random walk? Certainly not!

Heron (?).
Jackdaw (?). It is searching for something. But it also might be a pigeon or a magpie.
Common coot.
Unknown. It's too small for a rabbit. Rat? No ... no trace of a tail.
Unidentified - rabbit? No ... it's too regular for a rabbit. And it's too small for a rabbit. Could be a bird hopping through the snow?
Unknown. Hopping bird? Something that looks like the trace of a tail.
Unidentified - Probably a bird. Notice the tracks made by the feathers.
Cat. It is remarkably regular, more regular than a dog.
Human and rabbit. Tracks probably not made at the same time.
Too small for a rabbit. Rat? No idea really.

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