Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Landscape memory and tabby patterns

The fresh snow reveals memory patterns in the landscape. I never knew that cars making a U-turn make these interesting double triangles readable as the letter "M" or "W" or whatever you want to make of it. 

Meaning is inscribed on the landscape but most of the time the traces remain invisible. Are they still there when we don't see them? If they remain - even as very thin ghostly traces - then imagine how thick the accumulated layers of past events must be. Can we feel them? Are they recorded on the stone tape of the landscape?

And what to make of the similarity between the unexpected markings and the patterns of tabby cats? Is the landscape looking at us intently with the curious and menacing eyes of the predator? Or is it sleeping and dreaming of short-lived humans passing through in a flash?

Sheba - by BlueRidgeKitties @ Flickr
Luna - by fwooper @ Flickr


  1. cute and witty mini-montage

  2. Fantastic use of light, and materials. would have liked to see more color but over all very nice.http://www.cityguiderotterdam.com