Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Death of a cryptoforest - 1

I discovered and explored this cryptoforest in April  2010. It was sandy and it had a nice growth of young birch and willow. Many interesting weeds were growing on this dune-like field. Huts and tree houses were  hidden in the urban jungle.

Of course this could not last forever.

In the autumn of 2011 the site was cleared. It is still sandy and dune like, but it feels like an area after a forest fire. Only stubble is left. The ground is gridded by tractor tires. No trace of building activity yet. But that cannot take long.

In the meantime there is a beautiful view of the vague used car dealerships that still dot this area. They have yards full of wrecks guarded by vicious dogs. I'm afraid they will disappear too and will be replaced by huge modern car dealerships. You can see the Volvo building on the horizon. That's the way to the future.

Looking east - with forest.
Looking east - without forest. 
Looking west - with forest. Notice the bird nest in the poplar tree.
Looking east - without forest - vague car dealer and Volvo behind that.
Tree hut.
Ruins of the cryptoforest.

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