Thursday, September 22, 2011

Will o' the wisps - a performance by xname

We wait for darkness. No shape without shadow.
Start of performance - at sundown.
I will : not take part - observe - report.
Nature / physics needs an observer.

The performance pitches culture against nature :
 - it will get dark - we will make lights,
- dew and moisture will gather on the grass - we will light fires in aluminum bowls.
Nature will take revenge.

Just sitting.
"Listen to sounds around you."
First only silence - we think.
Later - emerging sounds from stillness.
Sea waves, lonely birds, cars in distance, wind.
Some sounds will be identified never.
How different from the city.

Two hooded figures walk the circle.
The fires are lit - one by one.
Nature resists - darkness, wind, moisture - victorious first.
Gas-lighter culture beats nature's resistance.

The kite sees everything.
A nylon line connects heaven and earth - a conductor of theoretical death.
We fear nature's lightning.

The circle burns.
Islands of green aluminum flame light the marshes.
Toxic chemicals impersonate spooklights.
Modern alchemy is victorious.

We listen more - watch the circle burn.

Dark shapes walk the circle - opening portals - disappearing in darkness.
The fires burn out - want more light - more liquid fuel.

Open portals - release entropy.
The sky darkens - the bottle explodes.
Cries of panic - theoretical damage.

Loss of control is a sign of weakness.
Loss of control frees the spirit.
Lesson of nature.

Will o' the wisps 
by xname
with assistance by Stephen Fortune, Luke Jordan, uair01 
and the Psychogeophysics Summit Participants

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