Sunday, June 19, 2011

The sound of paintings

I have to admit that this is not my own idea. Several years ago one website presented a large collection of famous paintings and their sounds. When I found the website, it was not maintained anymore and the sound didn't work. Then the site disappeared or I could not find the right search keywords.

But I found the idea fascinating and decided to recreate it on a smaller scale.

It is an interesting experience to stand in front of a picture with your microphone. People look at you strangely and they lower their voices when they notice the recorder. But the exercise forces you to spend some quality time with a painting. You look better and remember more afterwards.

The combination of sound and vision has added value - like a cut-up by William Burroughs or a random juxtaposition by John Cage. The tower of Babel resonates with chaotic language fragments and the Mondriaan has a more abstract sound. 

Pieter Bruegel   1525-1569
The tower of Babel 1565

Piet Mondriaan  1872 - 1944
Composition nr. II 1929



  1. Hi! I just came across your old site about the underground tunnels 'n stuff while I was searching for street art, and I thought it was really fascinating. I live in Rotterdam and I'm kinda a wannabe adventurer. Any spots in 010 for me...?

  2. oh you know how much i love this! fantastic!