Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Pirated booklist poetry

A very short poem

Anglicanism Hieroglyphs
Weapons Testament
The Spanish Politics
Nuclear Ireland

Fascism Quakers
Russian Relativity
The Dead Sea Scrolls
African History

Continental Autism
Buddhist Ethics
American Vikings
Marxist Geopolitics

Medieval Film
Schopenhauer - Wittgenstein,
The World Trade Tragedy

British Kabbalah
Stuart Britain Socialism
Capitalist Crusades
Literary Journalism

Egyptian Theory
Free Will Nothing
Quantum Philosophy

Revolution Music
Brain International
Physics Logic

Pre-Socratic Feminism
Marquis de Sade
Modern Photography
The Kafka Particle

Roman Dreaming
Civil War Philosophy
Christian Myth
Egyptian Psychiatry

Renaissance Art
Platonic Mormonism
Renaissance Design
The Old Postmodernism

The History of Time
The Philosophy of Law
The First World War
Northern Foucault

A discussion with a friend (E.L.) about the "Very short introductions" series.
My friend then sent me a list of the booklets that were illegally downloadable from the Internet.
I edited the list of available titles. It has that "intellectual yet idiot" feeling.

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