Sunday, March 18, 2012

Death of a cryptoforest - 2

I discovered and explored this cryptoforest in June 2010. It was a sandy dune-like area. The middle part was moist and willows grew there enthusiastically. The areas along the fence were drier and here a lot of interesting weeds species grew.

Of course this could not last forever. Just like the other cryptoforest this one was doomed eventually.

Early winter in 2011 the area was cleared. The weeds have been removed and the ground has been leveled. There are signs of electricity and drainage. Nothing spectacular is happening yet but the site is ready for the invasion.
Looking east - with cryptoforest.
Looking east - without cryptoforest.
The dry weedy parts along the fence.
The weeds have been removed - civilization has entered.
A healthy green forest swaying in the wind.
Cleared area on the left - original pavement on the right.
The last remains of the forest in the middle.
Even in a dead cryptoforest people are still building huts.
The urge is irresistible.

1 comment:

  1. Wow the TWIG HUTS! are such a strange symbol. What do they mean? They are so elaborate yet frail,Obviously not suitable constructions for habitation. Holes everywhere. unless Maybe they could tolerate a tarp or cover like a Tepee? Who builds them? Children? Homeless? Artists, as an expression of protest?

    I used to built platforms in trees, but I used abandoned wood planks from construction sites ( not twigs) and my constructions were not as elaborate. They were sturdy for play.