Saturday, January 15, 2011

Alternative reality model

It is many years ago that I discovered the “orb” and the “rod” phenomena on the Internet. The New-Age-type community that has since formed around the “orb” phenomenon is very interesting. On the other hand the “rod” phenomenon has faded into obscurity.

It is easy to make fun of the orb “believers”. Many studies have demonstrated that orbs are natural optical phenomena. But it is more fruitful to see them as original researchers:
  • They observe the world with curiosity - which is always good to do.
  • They gather big sets of observational data - using the scientific method.
  • They analyse the data and reach original and creative conclusions.
 Scientists and sceptics will disagree with their conclusions. But their originality and creativity are undeniable. I have read the two books that are available in the Rotterdam library and give the most interesting conclusions below.

From the book Orbs and other light phenomena by Ed Vos:

At first I tried to find a rational explanation for the light spheres on the photographs. Being a professional photographer with an education in the exact sciences it has always been a challenge for me to analyse unexpected occurrences in photographs. But slowly I had to admit that this was a special phenomenon.

The book contains detailed analyses of orb pictures and their brightness, texture, colour and shape. Some of the conclusions are:
  • Orbs are a multi-dimensional (energy) phenomenon.
  • Orbs have consciousness and we can communicate with them, both vocally and telepathically.
  • Some people photograph more orbs than others because their frequencies resonate more with the orb frequencies.
  • Sometimes orbs manifest themselves in both the visual and audible frequencies.

And the book Enlightenment Through Orbs by Diana Cooper and Kathy Croswell adds the following conclusions:
  • Orbs are manifestations of angels and spiritual masters. They want to stimulate our curiosity so that we research the phenomenon.
  • The orb-shape has been chosen because the circle symbolizes wholeness and completeness.
  • Some orbs are manifestations of the archangels. Specifically: Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Chamuel, Metatron, Sandalphon, Purlimiek, Gersisa and Butyalil.
  • Other orbs are manifestations of spirits, elementals and unicorns (ascended seven-dimensional white horses belonging to the angelic sphere).
The combination of modern technology, medieval and renaissance esotericism, semi-modern physics and New Age is very interesting. The study of orbs reminds me of the esoteric communication experiments of John Dee and Edward Kelley. It is a modern method of scrying and angelic communication. An alternative reality model - a creative postmodern re-mix of ideas.

Designing such a model is quite difficult. As a thought experiment I tried to imagine more explanations for the orb phenomenon. My limited imagination gave only these few:
  • Orbs are common manifestations of the microscopic black-holes as postulated by Stephen Hawking. They evaporate very quickly and give off energy in many frequency ranges.
  • Orbs are cosmic rays striking the sensor of the camera and creating a cascade effect, thus blurring the impact point to a textured circle.
  • Orbs are energy and/or information consuming life forms. Notice their similarity with some lichens. Starting from a point sized infection they spread through the emulsion or pixel matrix with the speed of light.
And another explanation is given by SCP-020 The unseen mold:
  • SCP-020 is a fast-spreading fungal organism that is capable of affecting the senses and behavior of living creatures, including humans. Samples of SCP-020 exhibit an unknown effect that renders them effectively invisible to direct observation, even when under a microscope. SCP-020 is only visible to humans when viewed through photographic or video surveillance.
And a final one is from the Fortean Times forum:
  • They are extremely round ghosts.
I hope to write more about alternative reality models - especially those that include observation and analysis like this You-tube video: The skies, sun and moon are different.

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