Sunday, December 29, 2019

Urban mushroom diary 26

Mushrooms seen between 2 and 22 December 2019.

Note: This is how it looks like when I'm hopelessly trying to determine one of my urban mushrooms. Simply by brute-force and trial-and-error:

2-12-2019 - In a Swiss supermarket. An amazing variety, more species than in the Netherlands:

In an urban lawn, all in the same neighborhood:
Most likely it is Hypholoma fasciculare but that one should grow on (or from) (buried) dead wood, so maybe not. And the spores would be much darker. But it might be an old one. It could also be Hypholoma capnoides. Weird … one is edible and the other one is poisonous.
This is not Armillaria mellea. That one also grows on wood.
Note: This is an interesting website:
It could be Tricholoma scalpuratum (?). That took me several days to find out!
At first I thought it might be a Russula. I also thought about Clitocybe amarescens.
But finally I settled on Lepista personata. It took me several days to find out!

In a Christmas shop:
20-12-209 In a cake shop in Den Bosch:

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Urban mushroom diary 25

Between 1 September and 7 September 2019

Macrolepiota procera (?), in the city park, under beach (?) tree - they have all gone now, picked?
Or it could be Chlorophyllum rhacodes (?).
Lycoperdon molle (?), city park, besides bicyle path
Mycena haematopus (?), city park, dead tree, besides bicycle path
Coprinellus disseminatus (?), city park, dead tree, besides horse path
Laetiporus sulphureus (?), city park, besides horse path
Artomyces pyxidatus, city park, besides road

Sunday, September 1, 2019