Saturday, February 24, 2018

Trump poetry

Last Friday evening  I was browsing in the Donner bookshop when I was surprised by The beautiful poetry of Donald Trump by Robert Sears. I doubted whether I should buy the booklet. It looked like a novelty item and surely ... this couldn't be any good in a poetic sense?
There were only three booklets available and one was immediately bought by another grazing customer. And the salesman at the checkout register said cunningly: "We only have a few ones, and most likely there won't be a reprint."
So I bought the book for 13 euros for my collection of weird books. I paid too much, but I'm glad to support the bookstore.
The reviews for this book are all over the place. On Amazon it gets one star to five stars. From people who hate the (non-) poetry to people who like the idea. On Goodreads it gets much more positive reviews. See for yourself:
 In my opinion it is quite good found poetry or conceptual poetry. The poems themselves are interesting. They paint a satiric but probably accurate picture of Donald Trump. And their effect is enhanced by the meticulous footnotes on the opposite page.
I'm glad I bought the booklet. It's more than just a gag gift.

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