Saturday, March 18, 2017

Lines of sight - 2

The previous article in this series is here: lines of sight, some of them ephemeral.

From several points in Delfshaven you can see the skyscrapers of the city centre 2 km away. As always, Google maps is great for analyzing the sightlines. On the right you see the three high buildings in the city centre: The Delfsche Poort, The Mariott Hotel and the Bouwcentrum (or Robeco).
Below are the three high buildings as seen from the upper left map location, at the intersection of Aelbrechtskade and Hooidrift. I realize that the sightlines are better in winter, when the trees are bare. A pretty obvious fact, but it has to be experienced first, it will not arise from pure thought.
The Mariott hotel is also visible from the intersection of the Rochussenstraat and the Nieuwe Binnenweg (2 km). You can see the slightly different angle of the sightline. The squat pyramidal tower on the left is the tower of the Rotterdam cathedral.
Hunting for sightlines is interesting and surprising. I don't know if you can find sightlines on a map, in a controlled manner. I've only found sightlines by accident, not even by trial and error. They find me instead of me finding them.
Here I'm at the Mathenesserplein. It is really surprising to see the Maas building from here (2,8 km). This building is at the other side of Rotterdam, along the river. And it's not even a very high building, so I'm surprised to see it at all. And I'm proud that I can recognize it immediately, without looking at the map. 
And here I'm at the Mathenesserlaan. And in between the trees I can see the Euromast (1,8 km).
And again, as in all these examples, the direction of the landmark is unexpected. The map in my head is different from the real map. I want to do this more often.

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