Thursday, January 14, 2016

Conversa #51 background material

Thomas Walskaar - My Hard Drive Died Along With My Heart
Had a wonderful evening at Conversa #51 with:
  • Thomas Walskaar (My Hard Drive Died Along With My Heart)
  • Petr Kazil (The Materiality of Cloud Technologies)
  • Sijing Zhang (Translation Intuition)
Below is some background material for the cloud talk.
Picture credits Oana Clitan and Berenice Staiger
James Bridle has several interesting essays on the materiality of the Internet:
And he has a longer and more detailed description of traceroute:
Amsterdam datacenter tour with Tijmen
These are nice books on the materiality, economics and power-relations of the Internet:
This is a great site on High Frequency Trading and its microwave towers. There are many parts to this story, among them:
Amsterdam datacenter tour with Tijmen
And two good books on HFT and the underlying technology
A few relevant weblogs about cloud and mobile technology:

Idea for projects - if anyone thinks this is fun, then contact me through Facebook:
  • Visiting the landing sites for the undersea cables - probably nothing to see there
  • Finishing the tour of Amsterdam datacenters - more boring steel boxes
  • Publishing the "26 Amsterdam datacenters" booklet
  • Visiting the Rotterdam telecom substations - more boring utility buildings


  1. Anonymous17 May, 2016

    Hi, don't know who you are on FB, so will try here.

    Great blog. I recently moved to Amsterdam and I am very interested in doing the datacenter walk with you. Just yesterday I walked out to Amsterdam West RWZI - a truly spiritual experience. If you want to know more about me my blog is and @balancingpond on Twitter. If you are interested please email balancingpond2 (at) gmail [dot] com.

    1. Anonymous21 May, 2016

      Will try to organize something, sounds like fun. Last time we hired bicycles so we could do faster.