Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Two trips - two crises

In 2011 while on a holiday trip through the Schwarzwald we were haunted by reports of the financial debt crisis sweeping Europe. Then I started photographing the newspaper stands with their messages of doom (13 July 2011):
  • Italy's debt costs soar in Greek contagion
  • Steinbruck warns of anti-European sentiments because of debt crisis
This year I had the same experience and the same reaction. This time it's not the debts (that was earlier this year) but the refugee crisis sweeping Europe (15 september 2015):
  • No consensus on refugee quotas
  • The new Europe of border controls
  • Europe becoming a no-entry zone
  • Europe running out of  resources
  • Refugee crisis splits Europe
Europe has more problems than a simple mind can understand. I'm reminded of: the unstable international situation at the beginning of WW-I, the generals and politicians mishandling the battles of WW-I because of old-fashioned strategies and of the unstable political situation in the Weimar Republic and its failing democratic system. I hope I'm wrong. Europe is a project of modernity and progress that shouldn't fail.

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