Sunday, September 6, 2015

Book envy - geologic version

Last week I had an appointment in The Hague, in the offices of TNO, a Dutch research institute. While waiting for my host I noticed a large, heavy book in one corner. A gorgeous photograph of a layered outcrop on one page and a detailed geologic description, with several maps on the other page. So large that you had to plan your moves before turning a page.
Other pages contained more delights. The geology under Europe ... layers, ages, structures ... maps, pictures, text. More than any human could absorb. In a monumental A2-size. Something physical, like from another age but seemingly modern. A scientific achievement to be proud of.
I want to have this book. It's expensive but not unreachable for 225 euros, the price of a modern smartphone. But I'm not going to buy this book. I would never find time to read it and it would just gather dust somewhere. But it's uplifting to know that it exists and that such Mercator-like books are still being made.

Note: This book is so different that Amazon doesn't even list a price.

Petroleum-geological-atlas-of-the-southern-permian-basin - Petroleum-Geological-Atlas-Southern-Permian

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