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Richard - the mysterious Eneco ranter

In 2008 I discovered a series of writings by a person I called "the Eneco ranter". Probably his name is Richard. I know nothing about this person, but in his texts he sounds like a smart, witty music lover. Possibly a drugs experimenter.
I my imagination he looks like the homeless person who is selling the homeless newspaper in front of the Donner bookshop. But it's very unlikely that this man is really "my" Richard.

The texts below were the first ones I found. I have always been interested in urban phenomena like these. But nowadays you see much more graffiti, stickering and street art than just plain statements. Just writing is not "scaleable" enough I think.
Richard seems to write exclusively on steel substation doors, owned by the “Eneco” power company. He even mentions the company in his rants. I would like to find more of his convoluted poetry. Here he talks about "page 34", could it mean that there are at least 34 texts spread over Rotterdam?

 21-3-2008 page 30 and four
 30. one hundred and four =
 saying like : still I
 have a loss counting back
 to 2007 with Meijndert v/d Berg
 so Richard tried to
 raise the periodic payment, relative to
 2008 (if) everything turns out
 right I will earn several hundred thousands!
 26-4- M v/d Berg E31,97,- earned
And on the adjoining substation door. Roekie-roekie might refer to a Smurf song.
- - - - - - - - -
 the commander of the street = not anymore
(yesterday-daybefore) 25-4 heard the roekie-roekie-
 so Franky lives, that’s good!
 Richard and Edwin
 Greathings! 27-4-2008
Then another one near the Rotterdam central library:

A group of dirty rabid gay's-
that = the police of
and then they say "hey get out of the way quickly"
and then say I William 3d the third,
what 're you talking about.
Edwin, maybe I've gone to the d(D)oemkade-
A13-A15-highway-Airport Zestienhoven
Indian village. direction of Delft.

It starts on the concrete pillar (not in the picture):
 The place from “Bas v. Leeuwen
 From Kralingen, I miss you xxxxx and/or Gherr.

Then it continues on the substation door. Radder is a drink seller from Capelle a/d IJssel. Hotel De Zon might be a home for the homeless in Crooswijk. And there is a Salvation Army hostel for the homeless on the border between Capelle and Alexanderpolder.
Wailing wall / door : II [III crossed out]
 How = Rob from ENECO doing?
 Capelle a/d IJssel / Alexandrieënpolder - border
 / Central Station NS
 I miss Bas van Leeuwen, Franky, and Lem v/d Kalkers and Ewin W. v. Dijk
 And Ted from the HEMA
 Koos from the mad / craizy- house from the Jordaan
 Billiard player ______ (boxer and streetfighter)
 Part of the security of the ocean race 2006 (or 2007 / Volvo etc.
 Womans lover - under the white’s. The Israelites -
At the 8-th hour in the morning - Blijdorp? Yes or no? Who has then
 stolen my Herman Brood calendar in Hotel The Sun from my little attic room
 Who oh who!, what was inside those balls white (coke) now eight years ago
 (from that famous grandpa) and brown (shit from those blacks)
 tonight I’ve also consumed brown, scotch whiskey 75cl/40%vol bought at Radder-
very tasteful for E 9,35-
continued >
And it continues on the other door:

 Continued from page I
 Looking for new socks from Edwin?
 Thai Chi -
 it must be cleared with respect to my mother/mama in Saint Anthony?
 because she = become damn forgetful, still 85 years and I don’t like that at all
 Alexander Bernhard Groen (my brother) 35 yeanrb / years has certainly stolen my LP’s
 Eric Lolpfy (sax xxxx), B.B. Williams (harmonica)
 Han Bennink - drums
 Mischa Mengelberg - pianist / composer
 On pure heroin base, under Turkey!

 One of the last inscriptions I found in the city centre. His graffiti was intelligent, poetic and mysterious. I'm sad he's not around anymore.
He =is and always will be an
This sad short message is near the "Feedback" music store (Ceintuurbaan), so my theory is that Richard is a music lover. This is also clear from his previous messages. And if he's visited the Feedback store then he must have some money, so maybe he's not a homeless person after all.
Where is my mate
Edwin Willem van Dijk
The last inscription I was able to find. This one was on a window at Rotterdam Central Station. "IJ" has the same sound in Dutch as "I" has in English.
Mr. President of the U.S.A.
IJ talking to you.

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