Sunday, June 8, 2014

The aporia of windmills

Elements of the Dutch landscape - 11
I don't think it's proving anything, Doc. As a matter of fact, I don't even know what it means. It's just one of those things that gets in my head and keeps rolling around in there like a marble.
I find it impossible to write anything about windmills and about pictures of windmills. When I meet them in the wild I like them. They're friendly giants, remnants of capital, power and technology now enjoying retirement and heritage status. Many of them are still functional and they're lovingly maintained and operated by a modern guild of millers. But it's impossible to add anything original to the already existing context.
Alblasserdam - Kinderdijk
The only thing I could do is to give up and to compose a powerless poem. I used the uncreative writing technique. The poem consists of photo comments found on Flickr and Wired.

The aporia of windmills

Thanks for sharing your memories.
Nicely controlled!
Where is it? It's rubbish.
How about photos more striking than these?
Did you use a filter?
I think I got an orgasm.
This was supposed to be art.
I hope we have some clouds tomorrow.
Schoonhoven - Polsbroek
The gates of Heaven, silky and powerful.
 Boring as watching paint dry.
My kind of scene, a beauty indeed.
Stunning my friend.
A fantastic feeling of freedom inside, a hopeful, magical day.
This is fantastic, I love the title, too much to learn.
Golden moments. La differenza.
Magistral saludos. Great work Wally.
Terrible concept. Bad execution.
I think I prefer the first one this time.
Outstanding work, magical scene.
You've done it again!
These hipster photos, how is this news?
Over the top, I miss the ocean.


  1. what is the sound of one hand clapping? A picture of a windmill.

  2. Banality as a Zen koan. Interesting concept indeed.