Sunday, June 15, 2014

Bicycle tracks through flatness

Elements of the Dutch landscape - 12
"We have covered more than 2,000 kilometres. Spatially there is no destination, the landscape stretches continually on, melancholy is setting in. Probably everything will have to be destroyed before the fighting is over.
Another experiment in uncreative writing. I was playing around with Flickr photo comments and suddenly the sensual texts seemed to fit the open Dutch landscape. But so did the grim texts of Operation Barbarossa.
Will a stack of platitudes produce a poem? Will a train-wreck reveal a landscape? It may be kitsch. but some connections I could never invent myself. The mash-up technique seems to work.
"Waiter? - I didn't order the word salad."
Hitland - Capelle aan den IJssel
If the enemy pursues us, he is lost because the further he is from his stores of foodstuffs and arms, and the deeper he advances into a country which has no roads and no supplies . . . the sooner he will be reduced to a pitiful state.
A splendid woman. Excellent macro.
Most erotic and delicious!
You can feel her pleasure! You look like a statue. 
Beautiful lady. Beautiful pose!
Evocative light - superb as always.
After days of rain, the flat landscape began to transform into an inescapable bog, which stretched on as far as the eye could see.
Beautiful, I love the rain!
Oh, such a wonderful sharing of feelings!
My favorite way, sweet and delicious.
Must try something like this sometimes.
The grit and grain emphasize roughness.
But not everyone would share with the world.
The depth of our penetration into the Soviet Union began to take its toll, and ammunition rationing served as a first indication of the shortages that we were to encounter with disastrous results in future battles.
Lovely position and lovely angle.
Very nice. You're a beautiful woman!
Giving, receiving, feeling such pleasure. 
Nice depth of field. Love it, Lucia!
Is that really raining? Great composition!

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