Monday, May 21, 2012

Sonification - sound of sand - 9

Spectral components - In the samples below you can listen to the spectral components of the following shapes:
01 circle - mp3 - the circle has (almost) no harmonics
02 triangle - mp3 - the triangle has odd and even harmonics - like the sawtooth
03 square - mp3 - the square has only odd harmonics - like the square wave
04 star - mp3 - star has more harmonics than square
05 horizontal rectangle - mp3 - rectangle has very similar harmonics as the square
06 random shape - mp3 - random shape has the most harmonics

Each sample consists of two parts: (1) the separate spectral components, (2) the spectral components added together. Surprisingly enough these sounds are almost musical.

We could start sonifying sand grains right away but I want to explore more possibilities first.

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