Saturday, December 10, 2011

Psychogeography bingo

User guide
  • Explore – Below you will find 50 psychogeographic observations. Go out and explore. Rediscover one of the observations. Document it in pictures or text and mark its number.
  • Get bingo - You get bingo when you fill any column, row or diagonal.
  • Profit - Document your bingo observations in the comments of this blog. Provide pictures if possible. Do this before 1-1-2012. We will try to send the first few winners a random book from the Rotterdam secondhand book market. It may be in Dutch but then it will have pictures.

The Psychogeography Bingo was compiled for the Suffolk Psychogeophysics Summit in August 2011. It was distributed in several places near the Suffolk, like: Ipswich, Aldeburgh, Orford Ness and Grime's Graves.
Later it was distributed in London and a few samples were inserted into books in the Rotterdam public library. As was to be expected ... no one replied. Now is the season for games and puzzles. So I give it one more try on my weblog.

Bingo card 1 - Advanced difficulty level - Weirdness and poetry
1 - You are reminded of figure from history (architect, physician, alchemist, visionary, madman).
2 - The power and energy of myths even though we know that they are not correct.
3 - The most powerful force in the making of primitive religion.
4 - Impenetrable micro­geographies.
5 - The rain which greeted him twice on that day.
6 - Protected border, chain-link fence. You're on camera, obviously.
7 - They had a circus here, with a high wire, tumblers, clowns and animals.
8 - Anonymous poetry, urgent and anxious. The city composing its own disposable legend.
9 - It is more disturbing when heads start reappearing.
10 - We came across a building that is difficult to interpret.
11 - The groaning language of the landscape itself as it speaks to me when I go walking.
12 - Strange squares with trees growing in them.
13 - This is where the city drops its shroud of culture, straightens itself out and settles down for hard-nosed business.
14 - A real outing to an unreal place. You learn the awful secret: “There is no there.”
15 - A pastoral landscape, as depicted on the label of a honey jar.
16 - Archeology.
17 - The presence of this sealed building traveled with us.
18 - Cognitive overload in the landscape.
19 - The moon that likes to pass over this place,  hidden behind clouds.
20 - An area that wanted to disguise its true identity, to deflect attention from its hot core.
21 - The sight might seem to darken the landscape as when a cloud suddenly blocks the light on a right day.
22 - You came close, but you couldn't pin it down with absolute precision.
23 - A bleak topography of absence. Areas of neglect and desolation.
24 - The gates that act like circuit breakers, disturbing the energy generator of the undisciplined body mass of the city.
25 - Stylish industrial debris.

Bingo card 2 - Advanced difficulty level - Weirdness and poetry

1 - Pre-molded concrete objects (lintels, pails, lampposts) with lichens growing on them.
2 - The road to the distant forest, where a small light was twinkling from time to time last night.
3 - Nobody can decide how long the road is.
4 - Reflections of sodium lamps. The road at night is a joy, a thing of spirit.
5 - Ancient trackways, elements of the mega­lithic, primitive mounds and encirclements.
6 - Narrow streets, memories seeping out of walls.
7 - Doomed buildings on the brink of oblivion.
8 - Heretics.
9 - Black and jagged against a lowering and stormy sky.
10 - Hallucinatory half-country.
11 - The point where the city loses it, abdicates, gives up its ghosts.
12 - That cherished place which this road is leading to.
13 - Weeds, clumps of grass, roadside planting.
14 - Computer generated graphics.
15 - Never acknowledged as a coherent identity it nevertheless lingers in the infrastructural unconsciousness of the city.
16 - Trash, dirt and dust. Rubbish blown against a perimeter fence.
17 - Pilgrims.
18 - You feel the presence of the sea behind the buildings.
19 - Grotesquely stacked humans, a tainted spot on the map, a hellhole.
20 - Looking down into the swampy wastes of the river.
21 - The fear of the human dead.
22 - Places outside the guidebook, places you have never visited and have not even heard of,
23 - A random dude.
24 - A TV-monitor playing real-time absences. Somewhere unknown, twenty-four hours a day.
25 - This word kept on passing through my head. I think the landscape was actually  trying to tell me something.

- Iain Sinclair – London Orbital
- James George Frazer – The Golden Bough
- John Rogers, Nick Papadimitriou –
- Igor Savchenko –


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    I did the first row across on card #1. Love uair and cryptoforestry. With you I travel great rabbit holes.

  2. Joyce, I'm delighted with your solution. How can I contact you to send you a prize? And can I copy your solution to my blog?
    You can mail me at:
    Best wishes for 2012.

  3. Petr, Of course you may copy it. I also posted a second BINGO It is from the second card,first row down. Happy New Year! I have lots of other random numbers depicted. I may paste them up latter.