Thursday, December 22, 2011

Esoteric bookshop

I regularly passed this anarcho-esoteric bookshop and publisher. This was on the corner of the Benthuizerstraat and the Vinkenstraat : Uitgeverij Drukkerij Cagliostro. As you can see the books in the shop windows have been censored (protected?) by Google.

 Usually I walked by on Saturday - and then the bookstore was closed. When I found the time to visit on a workday the place had been sold to a new owner. I will never buy one of those weird books. And I will not get to know an interesting person. It is a great pity. These were the books on 20 January 2010.

Esoteric - Golden dawn - The hermetic museum - Vril - Building your own telescope - Starting out: modern benoni
New world order - Illuminati - Brave new world - The Syndicate: The Story of the Conspiracy Behind World Government - The unseen hand - Zpower: Zero point energy - Electricity and magnetism
Tarot and magic - Nicola Tesla - The chemistry of explosives - Meditations on the Sepher Yetzirah - Magnetic energy to heal the planet - Hoodwinked: watching movies with eyes wide open - How to lie with statistics
Occult - Mind control - Codex magica - Mind control, NLP and hypnosis - Media sexploitation - The big lie: 9/11 and the government complicity in mass murder
Quabalah - Magick - Embracing the dark: the magic order of Dragon Rouge - Fire & Ice - Quabala - Opium lords
Tarot - Underground - The tarot of the bohemians - The magical tarot - Meditations on the tarot - The biggest secret - Behold a pale horse
Rothschild Money Trust - 700 Kinderrijmen (700 children's rhymes) - Tesla said - Obama: the postmodern coup - America's secret establishment: The order of skull and bones - Konstantin Meul: Scalar waves - The plot to seize the white house - The legalized crime of banking - Places of the Soul: Architecture and Environmental Design as a Healing Art - A guide to German flying discs of the second world war

You immediately recognize some classics. And you see a clear prediction the the current financial and banking crisis. And during an earlier visit - on 23 August 2009 - the books were different. So there were some sales going on. A pity I never could buy one of these weird classics. They were not too expensive.

We still have one esoteric bookshop on the corner of the Witte de Withstraat and the Schiedamse Vest (why are those shops always on corners?) but that is a very tame, New Age and incense type of shop. This one was more feral and punk. The authentic anarchist thing. 
 Identity theft handbook - Vril - Starting out: modern benoni
 Excel 2007 Data Analysis for Dummies - A catalogue of angels
 Conspiracy theories - Solar technologies - Body language
 America's secret establishment: The order of skull and bones - A guide to German flying discs of the second world war - Places of the Soul: Architecture and Environmental Design as a Healing Art - The biggest secret - The energy revolution - The Seven Seals: a Practical Occult Experience - Build your own solar: cells, oven, car
Billions for the bankers - Rhythms of the brain - Langs Rotte, Maas en Schie (Along some Dutch waterways) - Fotografie en de natuur (photography and nature) - Luftwaffe fledglings 1935-1945

Finally I on 14 July 2010 I went by again - the store again being closed - and this time I photographed the books that were published by this specific publisher: Cagliostro Verlag Rotterdam - Uitgeverij Cagliostro Rotterdam. We have lost a tiny monument of Rotterdam:
 B. de Spinoza, Populaire bijdrage voor zijn Leven en Leer - Dr. Rudolf Steiner, Erster Naturwissenschaftlicher Kursus - Erklärung der Natur - R. Steiner, Occultisme en esoteriek
 Gedichten, D. Huisman - Die wahrheit über die anthroposofie und deren verteitigung gegen die unwarheit. - J. Mol, Graag verlaten - Basilius Valentinus, Les douze clefs de la Philosophiques
Denkschrift - Der esoterische jugendkreis - Rudolf Steiner, Theosofie - Briefe über die köningliche Kunst

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