Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Urban locks - paranoid fantasy

What wonderful sights could we see ... if we only had the key.

What to think about all the locks in public spaces. Some of them opened minute spaces, at most 20*30 centimeters. Others gave access to cupboard-sized spaces and mini-buildings. Some were more than 100 years old and mechanical, in a steam-punk manner. Others used hyper-modern key cards with integrated circuits and RFID. Was this just the city's bloodstream infrastructure, the wires, pipes and communications? Or was there something else, more mysterious and sinister, like dead-drops, Trystero mail boxes, Tardis doors, fairy tunnels, mummy shelters and wormholes?

And where were the key-masters and their mega-sized key-chain? Was the strange near-sighted man at the second-hand book market one of them? Or the old dancing man, who was always present at the book market? Or one of the homeless beggars who was solving sudoku's while selling the street-newspaper?

But how to catch the key-masters in the act? He had little spare time and he could not be everywhere at once. He was so desperate, he was almost ready to publish his secret on a public message board and ask for advice ...

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