Saturday, April 16, 2011

Space and distance

assel - don bosco
assel - don bosco


I didn't know there still was so much empty space in the Netherlands.
These are the lands of the Salesians of Don Bosco in Assel. The brothers of this religious order have grown old and they don't work the land anymore. They lease the land to local farmers:
  • "And the farmer planted maize and we had no view the whole summer."

Distance mind game

If you're bored in the outdoors - for example while waiting for the bus to arrive - try this simple mind game:

  • "What is the most distant object that I can see from here? How far away is it?"
  • Then go home and check on the map. Often you will be surprised. 
I tend to overestimate the distance, just like in this case. Standing in the empty fields the horizon looks extremely distant. The same effect occurs in the panorama pictures. But in reality the horizon is only 1.5 kilometer away. And the trees in the foreground are only 300 meters away. Even so the view is much deeper and wider than in the city.

Assel - Google maps

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  1. I heard that the horizon from stood up is only ever 3 miles away at most. after that the curve of the earth kicks if you are on a ocean linear you can never see more than 3 miles each way (although because you are slightly higher up on a ocean liner it might be a bit further).