Monday, February 14, 2011

Financial crisis fallout (2)

Searching for something else I came across this piece of trivia. Today the author and the people he thanks for their comments must think: ''bien étonné de se trouver ensemble". But one can hardly blame them. In 2002 Bernard Madoff still was a successful and respected investor.

The Structure of the U.S. Equity Markets
Marshall E. Blume
Comments and advice were received from Paul Bennett, Robert Eisenbeis, Dean Furbush, Adam Goldberg, Michael Goldstein, Richard J. Herring, Kenneth Kavajeca, Bernard Madoff, Peter Madoff, Tim McCormick, John Moran, Gus Sauter, Jeremy Siegel, James Shapiro, George Sofianos, and Hans Stoll. 
The author thanks them for their comments, many of which challenged his views.

Source : Brookings-Wharton Papers on Financial Services 2002 (2002) 35-59, E-ISSN: 1533-4430 Print ISSN: 1098-3651 - Found through: Project MUSE®

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