Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tyburn temperature walk

Last August I participated in the London Psychogeophysics Summit. It was a great happening. Here is a short summary and a few links:

The London Psychogeophysics Summit proposes an intense week-long, city-wide series of walks, fieldtrips, river drifts, open workshops and discussions exploring the novel interdisciplinary frame of psychogeophysics, colliding psychogeographics with earth science measurements and study (fictions of forensics and geophysical archaeology).

I'm gradually presenting my results here and I've even opened this new blog for it. Below I'm replicating and mapping the thermometer experiments of Marcel Minnaert. This is a nice demonstration of temperature differences in the urban microclimate.
Psychogeophysics 2010 - Execution sites walk
It was easy to trace our path through the city streets using the pictures I had taken of the thermometer at each location. But it was surprisingly difficult to trace our path through the park. Using Google Maps and Bing Maps it took me almost an hour to locate the pump in Hyde Park. From the air it is just a tiny vague blob. But mapmaking and staring at satellite pictures is fun - especially when it's a puzzle.

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