Friday, December 10, 2010

Invisible artworks

If you look closely - you will see that these people are enjoying an art exhibition. But where is the art?

The art is invisible - a description of the artworks is presented by audio. This is not the "ultimate white cube" of idealized gallery space. The space is full of art - but it's in the imagination - of both of the artist and the "viewer".

It was a very popular exhibition. People were queuing up to "see" the art. I was too late to "see" any of the artworks - it was the last day of the exhibition.

Here is what I might have "seen". The titles are interesting. Maybe it's just as well that the artworks stay in my imagination:

1. Introduction 
2. What defines an unfinished work? (Krukowski) 
3. When is an artwork finished? Alberto Giacometti and Paul Cezanne 
4. Exhibiting the great nothing ..... David Hammons 
5. Artworks finished by others, Kafka's Castle 
6. The interpretation of the dead composer's manuscripts 
7. The Croce and Collingwood theory 
8. Creating the impossible work of art, Urs Fisher 
9. The unseen film of the genius, Clouzot's L'enfer 

The idea of an audio tour as a piece of art is not new. Janet Cardiff has made a fascinating series of audio walks that you can listen to or even view. It's a pity that you need to install Quicktime for this - I hate Apple products. But of course there are ways to circumvent this. Here are some direct links to the audio:

This will also send you on an invisible journey of the imagination.

The artworks you have never seen - an audiotour by Margo Onnes

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