Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dark cityscapes

I'm searching for a book in the Rotterdam library. I have forgotten the artist and the title of the book.
I fear they have sold it, but still I keep looking.
From time to time I browse the whole art-section of the library. I still have not found the book I'm looking for.

But often this futile search yields other treasures. For example this Dutch artist - Axel van der Kraan - that I didn't know about. Beautiful woodcuts of industrial cities. Like the "carceri d'ínvenzione" but more modern -  more industrial.

They remind me of the "road to hell" that leads from Charleroi city center towards the old steel factories. This area has always fascinated me.

Charleroi is known as one of the ugliest cities in the world. It is famous in urban exploration circles.
I have visited it often. Now a local artist is doing "urban safari" tours.

Link to German video here. And in French here.
My own visit here: Charleroi city hall and metro.

Axel van der Kraan - Black | Catalogue for: Axel van der Kraan: Zwart 27 april - 15 june 2003 - Museum Jan Cunen - Oss

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